Monday, March 5, 2012

Mason Lake 1

Waking early on a Sunday was worth it on March 4, 2012. It's amazing where a couple of high performance cameras can get a person. Today at Mason Lake my tendency to put myself in precarious situations while focusing on getting my shot before it quickly becomes the past played out in a fun way.

Witnessing the whole of this race thrilled me.

 Although missing the press cars, crowd controls, zealous photographers, busy organizers, beautiful podium girls, famous athletes and Italian landscapes, my experience from the back of a black suv leading a pack of win hungry cat 1/2 men made me feel like a pro photographer in the thick of the action. With Hagens Berman's tight teamwork, Team Oregon's valiant efforts,'s winning cyclist, Exergy's presence, Audi's attacks and Keller Rohrbach's Stangeland missing the 4 man break, Mason Lake presented me with an awesome competition to capture in the most artistic way I can.

The complete set of photos can be viewed at

The following pictures are ones I like to think my photography professor would think are worthy of standing back and admiring.


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