Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cherry Pie, Corvallis Oregon, 2014

At this point, in Oregon, it's getting hard for me to be objective about my cycling photos. Photos that are the most appealing to me now involve having watched these racers & teams & race events develop over the years.

The men's 1/2 field led by Trevor Spahr (Cyclisme 2008, Ironclad 2009-2012, HCH-RPM 2013-2014) with Brianna Walle 2nd in line (Ironclad 2009-2012, Optum Pro Cycling 2013-2014)

Quintessential Cherry Pie course uphill photo. Those calves!

The Oregon women's peloton has grown to be a driving force in women's cycling. Jade Wilcoxson, once a team member of Southern Oregon's Flywheel Bicycle Solutions, now races for Optum pb Kelly Benefit Strategies with whom she won the 2013 Pro National Road Race Championship. Oregon racers such as Brianna Walle (Ironclad 2009-2012, Optum pb Kelly Benefit Strategies 2013-2014) and Anna Grace Christiansen (Ironclad 2005-2013) also raced their way into the pro spotlight. Pictured above: Beth Ann Orton of River City Bikes and Sydney Running of Ironclad sprint to the finish at OBRA's 2014 Cherry Pie.