Sunday, August 8, 2010

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hello.  My name is Catherine.

I am a Mother, a Cyclist, a Rock Climber, a Hiker, a Traveler, a Gardener, a Mountain Woman, a River Rat, a Wilderness Child, an Adventurer, a Dreamer,  and an Artist.  

I become what I want to be.   
I am a Photographer.

Living, in my mind, equates to waking up and wondering with a smile, "What adventures will I have today?  Who will I have the pleasure of meeting via the fortuitous intersects of life?"  In September 2009, a cool cat I once met on the southeast side of Portland gave me a call and invited me to a potluck dinner in his backyard.  Despite several other invitations for the evening, I choose to go to this potluck in the hopes of further adventuring towards new and worthwhile experiences.  I look back at this evening with sweet satisfaction.  The person who invited me to the potluck was John Benenate, directeur sportif of the Cyclisme bike racing team.  Several days later, while visiting John in his backyard talking about life and gardening, I looked at him straight in the eye and said "I want to be a bike racer."  This statement was one that John could not refuse.  I joined Cyclisme as a bike racer.  On my first winter training ride up the hills of Rocky Rabbit, I got to sit in the support vehicle to watch and learn.  John threw the team camera in my lap and said, "take pictures for the blog".  This was a fateful moment.  With a team of good looking cyclists as my subject and my mind's eye as the guide for the lens, I took an excellent set of photos for the team blog and stumbled upon an opportunity to take off with photography. 

Photos of that winter ride...


Since the time of these photos, I bought a camera, a couple of lenses, and have been on a quest for the most story telling pictures.  My current personal photo project depicts the southeast side of Portland from my len's eye.  In the past, my photo subjects were plants, flowers, trees, rocks, lichen, wildlife, insects, mountains, rivers

I photograph events and products for Herb'n Gardens, Oregon Cycling Action, La Amistad Space for Well Being, Allie's Diva Dos, and the East Burn's Beer Belly Dinners.

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