Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cristina Macovei Mihaescu


 I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it.

- Mae West

"Bike racing is playtime. Jump on the bike, smile, and go fast."

 "I love everything about bikes: the freedom, the fun, the frustration, the possibilities,  the fact that I have yet to ride a bike without feeling happy. Oh, and the community: I met amazing people biking and many of them I am lucky to call my friends now."

 "I am super excited about Ironclad. They're smart and fast but don't take racing or themselves seriously.  And although they can kick my butt any time, they still let me race with them.  I am hoping to do a bunch of races with the ladies and learn from them."


 Cristina's Favorite 2011 Races

  "Lewis&Clark Ultra because I almost found my cracking point
Chainbraker because it made me fall in love with mt biking"

"There is always someone faster or smarter in racing than me out there. And that's ok because as long as I have fun it's a win in my book."

 Cristina is an up and coming cat 3 woman. Her forte is long distance, endurance rides. She'll tear the legs off of you, be you man or woman. See her race this season at road races, mountain bike races, and select cross races. If you're lucky you might spy her training on the roads around Portland. Be sure to smile and give her the right of way.

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